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Fourth Chakra Healing

Our 4th Chakra (often called the heart chakra) carries information about being in affinity with others as well as with ourselves. (Each chakra has its own purpose. Please visit my earlier blog for more information!)

Your 4th chakra can get clogged with outside energy or old energy. If you notice yourself holding on to grudges or resentments, thinking about old relationships, invalidating yourself by thinking about old mistakes you might have some blocks in the heart chakra.

When this happens these old energies block us from being present for and enjoying our present relationships. You might project resentments or grudges from an old relationship onto a present time relationship. Those old energies color the way you see your present relationship, causing you to overreact or shut down.

Clearing your 4th chakra can help you love and appreciate yourself. It is when we love ourselves that we can begin to truly love others. We’re no longer trapped by the energies of the past that kept us from living fully in the world.

You can clear your 4th chakra, but it’s not a once and done solution. Instead, clearing the 4th chakra is a pathway to knowing yourself. When you know what triggers you in this chakra, you can keep yourself safe in your relationships. Try one of the following once a week:

1. A love meditation. Simply sit down in a quiet spot and connect with your breath. Breath in and out while focusing on the body sensations of breathing. Imagine your chest area softens and relaxes as you direct loving energy towards yourself. (You might imagine this loving energy has a certain color that resonates love to you.) Afterward, choose four different types of people to direct loving energy towards including a loved one, a person close to you, a neutral person (like an acquaintance), and an enemy or hostile person. You might like to visualize loving energy or say a mantra such as “I radiate love to you” to assist with this meditation. When you are complete, turn your attention back to yourself, breath with awareness a few more moments, then open your eyes. Pause for a moment after the meditation to reorient to the physical plane by looking around the room, noticing the sounds you hear, etc.

2. Be thankful and show gratitude. It’s unfortunate that we take so much for granted. One of the best ways to increase energetic flow in your heart is to acknowledge all the blessings you have. Sit with yourself (perhaps light a candle or burn some incense) and begin to acknowledge all the things you love about your life. Small or large, each deserves acknowledgement. And by acknowledging what makes you happy in your life, you bring flow to an aching heart chakra.

3. Use essential oils to create flow in the heart chakra. Oils such as ylang ylang, sweet orange, rosewood, or lavender can soothe the heart. Use in a diffuser, or mix with a carrier oil and apply to pulse points. Visit my websites HerbsCanCleanse.com to purchase PlantLife quality essential oils.

If your heart chakra imbalance is deep, or if you have trouble increasing the flow of energy in the heart center, a clairvoyant reading and energetic healing may help! A neutral observer can see things we can’t see in ourselves.

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