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Magical Days of the Week Part 1

Did you know that the day you cast, your spell can impact its effectiveness? According to many traditions, it can! In this blog and the next, we’ll talk about the attributes of different days and some other strategies to improve your success!


When casting a spell on Sunday, try to include the colors yellow and gold, thought to be “Sunday’s Colors,” because it is the day of the sun. Sunday is connected to solar deities like Helios and Ra. And Brighid’s day is Sunday in some Celtic traditions.

Try incorporating quartz crystals or carnelian and amber into your spell. Also, consider using marigolds, sunflowers, or cinnamon since all of these pack an extra punch when used on Sundays.

Sunday has been considered a powerful day for many types of workings. Agriculture, beauty, hope, victory, and creativity are connected to this day. If your spell involves planting or harvesting something new, whether physical or metaphysical, Sunday is a good day for this type of working.


Being the day of the moon, Monday is connected with Thoth and Diana, for example, and other lunar deities. Herbal correspondences include mint, catnip, comfrey, sage, and chamomile. Incorporate these into your spell to support the magic of the moon.

Because of the lunar connection, Monday is a good day for spells relating to childbearing, family life, purity, healing, wisdom, and intuition. See if you can design a spell to enhance your intuition using the Moon, perhaps a deity associated with the moon, and some dried chamomile flowers. Give it an extra boost by drinking a cup of chamomile mint tea before sleep. Keep your dream journal nearby and note what comes to you from your dream space!


Tyr is the Norse god of heroism and combat, and Tuesday is Tyr’s day. Colors for Tuesday include bright reds and oranges, as well as metals such as iron and steel. In Ancient Rome, this day was called Martis, after the warrior god Mars. The Morrighan is also fond of this day.

Garnets are excellent stones to include in a Tuesday working, as well as such plants as thistle, holly, and different cacti.

Cast any spells relating to “war” or conflict on Tuesdays. Interestingly, Tuesday is also associated with marriage, protection, and initiation. Use Tuesday to cast spells to assert yourself.


Wednesday is named for Woden, an ancient Norse god who came before Odin. Among other things, he is the god of poetry and greets fallen warriors in Valhalla. Purple is Wednesday’s color, and quicksilver is the metal associated with this day.

Mercury is one of the gods associated with Wednesday. Others include Odin, Hermes, Athena, and Lugh. Try gemstones like adventurine and agate to create a connection with one of these deities. Plants such as lilies, lavender, and ferns can enhance any Wednesday spells.

Are you looking to improve your business or get a promotion at work? Wednesdays are great days for this, as well as spells to resolve matters relating to loss and debt.

We’ll continue our discussion of magical days in the next blog.

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