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Psychic Readings by Darryl

My Services As A Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer. Psychic Darryl

Rev. Darryl

Spiritual Counseling and Tarot Reading

Thank you for your interest in booking a reading with Rev. Darryl. Your contribution will go towards a 15-25 minute Tarot card reading or 15-minute, 30-minute, or Hour spiritual counseling session. Contributions such as yours help sustain my ministry of spiritual counseling and healing. I will use a sliding scale for those who are experiencing financial difficulties. 

Introduction with Psychic Darryl:

Learn what I do as a Spiritual Counselor and Psychic Reader. A 10-minute personal one-on-one talk with Rev. Darryl.  Or give me a call at (775) 455-1954.

Tarot Reading with Psychic Darryl:

A Tarot card reading, using the European Method (15-Minute). It shines a little light on your past, present, and future using 3 cards. One for the past - one for the present - and one card for the future. Or you may want the more popular Celtic Cross (25-Minute) reading. This Tarot reading observes the Querent, Obstacle, Influences, Root/Subconscious, Past, Future, Attitude, Environment, Hopes and Fears, and Outcome. This will all be explained to you during the reading. Tarot may offer you a perspective through the use of a system that has been in use for hundreds of years.

Past Life Reading with Psychic Darryl:

Discover your past life experiences and how they affect you in this life. 


We draw off of past life experiences to help us through our present life. At times we may be lost for the answers. Looking at a past life similar in nature will help us understand what is happening and how to direct our attention. In this reading, we will look at two present issues and two past lives.


We will meet via phone/zoom for 30 minutes. During our meeting we will look at your energy in the form of a rose:  We will also look at your Sun, blossom, hip, stem, 2 issues, 2 past life rings, and look at how the past lives are related to the issues. Following your reading you will also receive a healing. I will go over this when we meet as it may vary from person to person. 

Aura Fluff with Psychic Darryl:

Have you ever felt scattered or just not pieced together correctly? Was your mind drifting while there were important tasks to be focused on? With an Aura Fluff, I can assist in calling back your energy and bringing it into present time. During this mini-reading, I will look at your Aura, Chakras, and Grounding. If needed I will set your Chakras into alignment, call your aura back around your body and strengthen your grounding cord. This little bit can have a profound impact. How would it feel to be centered and in present time? Give it a try.

30-Minute Psychic Reading with Psychic Darryl:

This reading hits on the surface of your questions but gives you a clear perspective of what’s happening in your space. There is generally only time for one question or issue to look at. With energy healing. Scroll down to schedule a time.

60-Minute Psychic Reading with Psychic Darryl:

With an hour-long reading, we can examine 2-3 questions or issues you may have. We can take a closer look at what is lighting up in your space, look at past lives, and mock-ups you have that need to be brought into present time. This too includes energy healing.

A psychic reading (Spiritual Counseling) generally lasts about a half-hour to an hour and you will receive an energy healing at the end. When we connect on the phone, it would be a good idea for you to have your three questions written down. During your reading, I ask that you remain seated comfortably with your hands and feet apart and eyes open. This will allow me to see how your energy flows. Together, we will look at your past and present time issues as it relates to your questions. I’ll go over this again before your reading. 

Please contact Rev. Darryl Sanford at (755) 455-1954 to book your psychic reading or choose from the options below. 

Classes with Psychic Darryl:

I offer a 1-hour meditation class every four weeks on Saturday mornings at 9 AM PST.  Click on Book Now for availability. Please contribute as little as $5 for this class.
We will meet for approximately one hour, and I’ll lead you through 2-3 meditations. We will cover centering, grounding, and having energetic boundaries. Sign up, and you'll receive an invite to join the meeting via Zoom. For more info, call or write to (775) 455-1954 or darryl@psychicdarryl.com. Contributions are greatly appreciated via PayPal.Me @PsychicDarryl Or you may use Venmo @DarrylSanfoprd

Each class is limited to 10 people. By attending, you can receive a $5 discount on your next reading with me. Use the code that you'll receive at the class when booking your appointment for a reading.

Or click HERE. Please check for availability.

Past Life
Aura Fluff
Tarot Reading


I received a really insightful mini reading. Darryl totally hit some issues head-on. I would recommend making contact if you have a burning question.


Great reading, thank you very much.


Thank you Daryl, you were spot on as to where I am right now.


Great reading from Rev. Darryl!


Thank you so much!!!


Thank you. That was extremely helpful, I truly appreciate it!!
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